Freshlife 3000 Product Support

The Freshlife 3000 Sprouter

Congratulations! You’ve embarked on a new journey – indoor gardening with sprouts. Soon you’ll find things couldn’t be greener!
Say “Good-bye!” to poisonous pesticides, fertilizers, irradiated vegetables, genetically modified produce and the rising cost of food that is eating away at you!

With the new Freshlife Automatic Sprouter, your weekly harvest of young vegetables will rescue you from the perils of commercial agriculture. Now you can replace empty calories with living nutrients and protect yourself from preservatives except the ones that preserve your health!

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Informational Videos

Cleaning the Motor Assembly

Adjusting Water Pressure

Preparing the Freshlife with Seed

Harvesting from the Freshlife

What Makes a Good Sprouter?

Freshlife 3000 – Cleaning the Sprinkler Head

Highlights from the Real Truth About Health conference

Assembly & Cleaning – Water Spout & Motor

Setting Up with Four Different Types of Seed

Cleaning the Pressure Tube

Growing Wheatgrass in the Freshlife 3000

Sunflower Sprouts in the Freshlife

Cleaning the Sprinkler Head, part 2

Harvesting Pea Shoots