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I hate to pick favorites because all the machines I am showing on these pages are very good. But the Elite is the latest and the greatest. The Elite represents all the things we learned about the juicing process over the years. Yes, it costs more, but you get longer gears that provide more extraction time. And you get a much improved assembly/disassembly process. Translation—It’s definitely faster and easier to work with. Consider that these machines are lifetime purchases. You won’t ever need to replace it nor are you likely to need to repair it. So, in my opinion, it is worth paying a little more for the best. By the way, there are more expensive machines out there. But they are not better. In my opinion, this is the best juicer and the best value around. -Steve Meyerowitz

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GreenStar Elite Juicing Demo

Disassembling the GreenStar Elite

Assembling the GreenStar Elite